With the release of his sixth studio album since 2007, Peter Jacobs has certainly made his mark on the Newfoundland and Labrador music scene.Hailing from Westport, Peter’s debut album, “Take Me Back” was released in 2007.  The first album was so well received, Peter quickly got to work on his sophomore project and the rest they say, is history.


Being first introduced to his love of music by his brother Wilson Jacobs, (who also released a project) Peter always had an audience whenever a performance came along. If no one else, his family of eight were more than welcome to sit around and hear what the passionate songwriter had come up with lately. There’s no doubt that the music reflects story telling. Most of the songs you’ll find on any of Peter’s projects are written from the point of view of Newfoundlanders. Some tell of life in the past, and others of life today.

Since pursuing singing and songwriting full time, Peter has had an opportunity to play for audiences all over Newfoundland and Labrador, and across the country of Canada from east to west. The media have picked up on his talents, and exposure has be fantastic. Radio stations from across the country are spinning the soulful melodies and incredible lyrics of the man who just loves to sing.

The songwriting process is an ongoing one. Currently, Peter is in the works of future projects that will contain even more original material and is sure to reach someone out there perhaps homesick for the Rock, or still enjoying the beauty it has to offer – another theme very evident in Peter’s music.

When he’s not songwriting, Peter likes to travel, perform, and meet new people.

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  1. Lillian White

    I love your CD’s and song writing . They are awesome. Always tells a story . I am a home care worker and the gentleman I loook after is Blind. But he loves NL music and your Cd’s are one of his fav’s. I bought one for him in a small store around our home. But haven’t been able to find any more. We live in Western Bay, NL (Conception Bay North) and we asked O\Birens Music store in St John’s they don’t have any. Could U tell me how I can order some please/
    PS keep up the good work.
    You should come to the Princess Negara Theater in Carbonear for a show some time. I would be there.

  2. regina

    ” Take me back” Brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. I have been in Alberta for 14 years now, originally from the east coast of Newfoundland. A buddy of mine up here, also from Newfoundland, told me I had to listen to this song not to long back, and ever since then I’ve been hooked!! great job!! Keep It up!!!

  3. Gordon Young

    Hi Peter,I’m an old fan of your,s you came out with your music,over the last few years I .lost contact with you and your music,and today I sat here playing your C D, s and wondering are you still recording.
    I live in Dartmouth N.S,I remember you did a few gigs in Cape Bretion,but you never made it this far..


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