Lessons Learned

Take Me Back

The song that started it all. Since Peter Jacobs released his first album in 2007, “Take Me Back” has been the anthem for so many Newfoundlanders living home and away. The song has meant so much to young and old over the years and continues to do so.

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Music to “Take You Back”

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  • Lessons Learned

    Lessons Learned (2017)

  • Fondest Memories

    Fondest Memories (2015)

  • gospel_cover

    He Took Time For Me (2014)

  • Nobody Home

    Nobody Home (2013)

  • I'm Going Back

    I’m Going Back (2012)

  • Where I need to be

    Where I Need To Be (2011)

  • Drift Back In time

    Drift Back In Time (2010)

  • Back Home For Christmas

    Back Home For Christmas (2009)

  • No Better Time

    No Better Time (2008)

  • Take Me Back

    Take Me Back (2007)

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