Upcoming shows
Leading Tickles, NLField08/01/151:00pmMap
Baine Hr, NLBaine Hr CHY 201508/05/1510:30pmMap
Burnt Island come home year08/12/1510:00pmMap
Pollards PointBar08/20/1510:00pmMap
Parsons Pond , NLParsons Pond Come Home Year 201607/30/16TBDMap
Past show archive
Rose BlancheHall12/31/1410:00pmMap
Summerford , NLTown Hall12/13/1410:00pmMap
Norman's Cove, NLGood Shepard Hall 09/26/146:00pmMap
Corner Brook, NLColeman's09/12/144:00pmMap
Mt Pearl, NLColeman's08/22/142:00pmMap
Port Saunders, NLHouse party08/17/1410:00pmMap
Port Saunders, NLRec Center08/16/1410:30pmMap
Wings Point, NLHall08/09/1410:00pmMap
Spirity Cove, NLCabin08/05/142:00pmMap
Cow Head, NLshed08/04/144:00pmMap
Macays, NLLions club08/03/143:00pmMap
Robinsons, NLSalt Water Joyz Pub & Inn08/02/1410:00pmMap
fleur-de-lys, NLPark08/01/1410:00pmMap
Isle Aux Morte, NLAnn Harvey Days07/26/147:00pmMap
Wings Point, NLHall07/12/1410:00pmMap
Hawkes BayTorrent River Nature Park07/01/142:00pmMap
Port Au Basque, NLHall06/28/14TBDMap
Cape Ray, NLHall06/27/149:30pmMap
Port Au Choix, NLSea Echo 05/31/1410:30pmMap
Sops Arm, NLRec Center05/17/149:30pmMap
Trout river, NLRusty Jigger05/11/146:00pm6-9Map
Woody point, NLRoyal Canadian legion04/26/1410:00pmMap
Corner Brook, NLColeman's02/15/142:00pmMap
Grandfalls/Windsor, NLSt Joseph's Hall02/08/1410:00pmMap
Wings Point, NLHall02/07/1410:00pmMap
Cow Head, NLShallow Bay Motel10/04/138:00pmMap
Corner Brook, NLColeman's09/14/132:00pmMap
Benoits Cove, NLHumber Arm South08/18/132:00pmMap
Rocky Hr, NLFisherman's Landing08/16/138:00pmMap
Baie Verte, NLWedding08/10/1310:00pmMap
Bide Arm, NLScenic Pursuit Ltd08/07/13TBDMap
Bide Arm, NLScenic Pursuit Ltd08/01/13TBDMap
Conche, NLField07/31/132:00pmMap
Bide Arm, NLScenic Pursuit Ltd07/30/13TBDMap
Isle Aux Morte, NLAnn Harvey Days07/27/137:00pmMap
Burgeo, NLField07/26/132:00pmMap
Belleoram, NLIron Skull Fest07/20/1310:30pmMap
Bide Arm, NLScenic Pursuit Ltd07/06/13TBDMap
Hawkes BayTorrent River Nature Park07/01/132:00pmMap
Daniels Hr, NLHall07/01/1310:30pmMap
McIvers, NLTattie Fest06/22/134:45pmMap
Wabush, NLFishnet05/18/1310:30pmMap
Wabush, NLFishnet05/17/1310:30pmMap
Trout river, NLRusty Jigger05/12/136:00pmMap
Westport, NLFIre Hall05/11/139:00pmMap
Fortune Hr, NLRoyal Canadian Legion04/27/1310:30pmMap
St Georges, NLBlue Berry Festival8:00pmMap
Port Au Basque, NLHall9:30pmMap
Ladle CoveBirthday Party10:00pmMap
Pollards PointBar10:00pmMap
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