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Lyrics and Chords Volume 3

Sing along with Peter's music by purchasing this Lyrics and Chords Volume 3 book featuring songs from his latest 3 albums. Volume 1 & 2 also available.

DVD Collection

Recently released is this DVD collection of 14 Songs Spanning 5 CDs. Filmed and produced by Sevenview Studios on location in Springdale and Westport, NL.

Nobody Home

Click here to order the cd "Nobody Home" featuring 12 songs including "It Could Have Been Me", "Going Home", and title track "Nobody Home".

He Took Time For Me

Click here to order the CD "He Took Time For Me" featuring 12 songs including "Amazing Grace", "Just As I Am", and original song "I Found Jesus".

I'm Going Back

Click here to order the CD "I'm Going Back" released 2013. Includes all original music including title track "I'm Going Back", "Me and a Memory", and "Say Goodbye".

Take Me Back

The album that started it all! Released 2007, this album includes the iconic song "Take Me Back" that has reached multiple generations around the world.