Lyrics & Chords Volume 2


Peter Jacobs Lyrics & Chords Volume 2



Peter Jacobs Lyrics & Chords Volume 2

Songs Included:

Go Spread The News
Down On The Stage
Drift Back In Time
Here I Go
When We Were Teens
Come On Me Boys
Tribute To The LNS
A Chance Tonight
Jukebox And Me
My Ole Punt
Kitchen Party
A Lifetime To get Over You
Dream Come True
Take Them By The Hand
Where Everything Is Just Right
Making A Living Not A Life
Thinking Back
Twenty Years Is Long Enough
Standing Alone
Memories Of Time Passed On
Islanders For Life
Come On Down
Where I Need To Be
Bright Lights Broken Hearts
Did You Ever Think
Funny Feeling
I’m Going Back
Got To Move On
Me And A Memory
One too Many
Hauling The Cod Trap
Just memories
No Idea What You Do To Me
Where Ya Goin’ Now?
My Whole Life Worthwhile
Say Goodbye/ Step Er’ Out
Give Anything To Be Back Home Again
Nobody Home