“He Took Time For Me” Released November 2014.

Listen to samples of the album “Nobody Home”, released November, 2013.

Click on a song title to hear a sample

  1. I’m Going Back
  2. Got To Move On
  3. Me and a Memory
  4. Hauling the Cod Trap
  5. One Too Many
  6. Step ‘er Out (Instrumental)
  7. Just Memories
  8. No Idea What You Do To Me
  9. Where Ya Goin’ Now?
  10. My Whole Life Worthwhile
  11. Say Goodbye
  12. Give Anything To Be Back Home Again
  1. Where Everything Is Just Right
  2. Thinking Back
  3. Making A Living Not A Life
  4. Twenty Years Is Long Enough
  5. Standing Alone
  6. Memories Of Times Passed On
  7. We’re Islanders For Life
  8. Come On Down
  9. Where I Need To Be
  10. Bright Lights Broken Hearts
  11. Did You Ever Think
  12. Funny Feeling
  1. Here I Go
  2. Go Spread The News
  3. Down On The Stage
  4. Come On Me Boys
  5. Drift Back In Time
  6. Tribute To The Lower North Shore
  7. When We Were Teens
  8. A Chance Tonight
  9. Jukebox And Me
  10. My Ole Punt
  11. Kitchen Party
  12. A Lifetime To Get Over You
  13. Dream Come True
  14. Take Them By The Hand
  1. Back Where I Call Home
  2. Just A Few More Miles
  3. Nan and Pops At Christmas
  4. Santa Claus Was Gone
  5. Come on And Get Ready
  6. Back Home For Christmas
  7. Christmas Eve
  8. I Wish You Were Here With Me
  9. Twinkle In The Lights
  10. Christmas In My Hometown
  11. On Each Christmas Day
  1. No Better Time
  2. Been This Way for Some Time
  3. It’s Come Home Year
  4. Alone In This House
  5. Everyone Knows
  6. Moose Song
  7. Every Time That I Go Home
  8. To Hold You Tonight
  9. Ole Lazy Days
  10. You Just Wait And See
  11. Kick Up Ya Feet
  12. From The Way It Seems
  1. Feels Right
  2. Black and White Memories
  3. Jagged Ol’ Shoreline
  4. Life Time Struggles
  5. When I Was a Boy
  6. You’re Still Gone
  7. Still Awake
  8. Time On Earth Is Done
  9. Laying Back
  10. Take Me Back

15 thoughts on “Music

  1. Gorman Temple

    I listened to more of your songs today and love your music and songs,, to hold you tonight .. im going back ..out there in the bay,,lifetime struggle,,on my last email from you ,you said that you have song books out ,can you tell me what music stores have them,, thank you for your cooperation
    Gorman Temple

  2. madonna Lapage

    love you music when you make new cds..I have all your cds…keep coming with the new songs thanks…


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